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Abstract Art for Sale

by Richard Buchanan

Welcome to my website,, where you are able to buy artwork direct from the artist, me!

My name is Richard Buchanan and I am a Columbia Missouri artist, specializing in abstract paintings and design.  My artwork is currently on display for sale at ARTlandish Gallery in downtown Columbia, MO on Walnut Street.


ARTlandish is one of the many wonderful art galleries in Columbia, MO.  ARTlandish has a wide variety of handmade original artwork available for sale for very reasonable prices.  Not only is ARTlandish a plethora of unique, affordable art, crafted by local Missouri artists, but it is also a great place to go and meet local artists and art collectors.


Come by ARTlandish Gallery on Walnut Street in Columbia!  Check out my abstract paintings and the artwork of many other Columbia, MO artists.  Be sure to tell Lisa, the gallery owner, that I sent you :)


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Local Visual Artists Directory

I am compiling a listing of local Columbia area visual artists and artisans.  Please be sure to check out the directory to visit and support other Columbia area artist websites and groups.






"Bone Grove"

12" x 24"

Completed March 29th, 2011 by Richard Buchanan


I painted this abstract artwork with the intent to create an all black and white painting.  I am very happy with the results of my endeavor and have fallen in love with "Bone Grove".


You cannot help but want to touch "Bone Grove".  The painting has an eye appealing heavy texture that brings forth an ever-changing look depending upon the angle from which the light comes.  The shadows cast by the ridges and peaks of this abstract artwork are an amazing treat for your eyes to see in person!


When I look at "Bone Grove" I see a mysterious wooded grove with a great tree surrounded by brush, resting beside a rambling creek.  In the distance I see a skyline active with birds and clouds.




Feagans Photography of Columbia, MO

All of the abstract art for sale on Artlicious, painted by Richard Buchanan, is exclusively photographed by David Feagans of Feagans Photography in Columbia, MO.

As an artist, Feagans Photography offers high quality digital photos of your artwork for documentation, marketing and sales purposes.  Please check out the Feagans Photography, Artlicious photographers spotlight page for more info or just go directly to







Abstract Art for Sale


Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas

Photography by

The artwork featured above was photographed by Columbia, MO photographer David Feagans.  David is an amazing fine art photographer and the exclusive photographer for Artlicious.

Click here to learn more about Feagans Photography.



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